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The Harder They Fall

A record-high year for voter turnout was followed by the lowest turnout in over a decade. What happened? One year ago, student elections had come to a close. The results were in, and the student body had decided on aRead More

June 2014


Wim Wiewel: The Problem at PSU

By | June 2014

“Let them eat… tuition?” This past year, as a full time student at PSU completing my undergraduate degree, I began hearing some whispers and hushed conversations about the inequalities within the Portland State University community. During the fall and winterRead More


ASA Boycott Debate

By and | June 2014

In December 2013, a majority of the members of the American Studies Association (ASA) voted in favor of the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The vote to impose an academic boycott was undertaken in response to the Palestinian Campaign forRead More


My Academic Breakthrough

By | June 2014

A Look at PSU’s Honors College The first term of my freshman year at PSU was absolutely miserable. I was annoyed with the quarter system (coming from semesters in high school), I despised living downtown, and I hated my BusinessRead More



By | June 2014

A nationwide movement to divest from fossil fuels now counts a number of Oregon campuses among its participants. On Earth Day Portland State students officially launched their own campaign. Will PSU be the next to divest? Sequestered in the leafy,Read More