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Déjà Vu At PSU

Current issues have a historical precedent Last month, two Portland State University students debated the merits of funding the university’s athletics program. Held in Smith Memorial Student Union, the event featured Keegan Meyer, arguing for defunding the program, and MarlonRead More

April 2014

Billiards (Eugene's Article)

Return to Academia: A Climb Up Everest?

By | April 2014

A Point of View “What are you doing?” “Looking at the four walls and the cat.” “Why don’t you do what I’m doing: return to school?” “You’ve got to be kidding! At my age?” “Ninety-year-olds are getting their BAs, andRead More


Protests Escalate In Ukraine And Venezuela, But Media Coverage Remains Lopsided

By | April 2014

Amidst media black-outs and revoked press passes, the duty falls upon citizens-turned-journalists to cover the violence, and the rest of the world to publicize By now, just about everyone has heard of the escalating violence in Ukraine. Many innocent peopleRead More


They Are Pocketing Our School’s Money, And “They” Could Be Anyone

By | April 2014

An out-dated honor code system and the departure of an SMSU supervisor leaves our student union and dollars in a questionable situation We invest in Portland State University for education, trusting our tuition dollars to be handled professionally. With allRead More


Science Depends On Incorrect Theories

By | April 2014

The more we understand, the more we realize that many of the theories governing our universe are far from timeless. History, from the perspective of human understanding, is a story of revision. Curiosity has always driven humanity to ask howRead More